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At Mulgrue Swim Academy, we build your child's confidence as he learns to swim. Respect, Responsibility and Manners.......... No Extra Charge.

Learning how to swim comes naturally when you make lessons FUN.  I have been teaching children to swim for 31 years and want every child to have a wonderful experience in the water and progress along the way, each at his/her own pace.

Allow us to “stress” that at Mulgrue Swim Academy, we believe in a “no stress” environment.  Stress is checked at the door.  We smile, we have fun we learn, firmly, but gently.

To minimize distractions and enhance learning,  I keep the water temperature at 91 degrees.  Students are encouraged to wear goggles.  I ask parents  to stay and watch lessons only during the “mini recital” on the last day.  This is always an exciting, proud time for the students as well as their parents, grandparents and friends.

Please visit the virtual pool and see what others have to say about Mulgrue Swim Academy.